[Solved] Allen-Bradley Read node



I’m able to read A/B tags from the Losant edge agent,but only if they are not an array.
Unless I’m missing something.

The current tag is “Test[0]” in the PLC, but I can only read the first value in the array by using only “Test” as the tag name.
Is there a way around that?



Currently, the Allen-Bradley node does not accept the “[]” characters, but a fix will be pushed out soon.

For now, you can use a Mutate node to set a new rule to change “Test[0]” to something like “working.testArray1,” which can then be used within the Allen-Bradley nodes, as shown below:

Hopefully this helps,


Hi Lars,

This bug has since been fixed, see below!



So will that work for me now without updating the agent?


Yes, the characters were just not being allowed in the input.

It should work fine now :smile:



Yes it does ! Thank You.
You show the Result key in your screen shot above as “Test1”.
How do I easiest get that Result value in to an indexed object?
It doesn’t like me entering “Test[]”



One way I would recommend doing this is by self indexing the results, as shown below:

Let me know if this helps!


That’s what I am doing now.
I was hoping there would be a way to “automatically” generate the indexed key number.
I guess a loop would be one way of doing that.