Allen-Bradley: Read payload path

Hello, what is the payload object format for Allen-Bradley Read Node?
I didn’t want to use the fields manually.

When using the Payload Path option for the Allen-Bradley: Read Node, the value at the resulting path should be an array of objects with the following properties:

  • key: The key at which to store the value returned by this read instruction (will be stored on the node’s Result Path). Defaults to the value of tag if not provided.
  • tag: The Allen-Bradley tag to read. This field is required.
  • program: The Program, if needed (defaults to null if not provided).
  • type: The Data Type (defaults to “ATOMIC” if not provided).

Based on your question I’m going to make a ticket to add this information to our documentation; it’s missing from a number of nodes that accept payload paths or JSON templates for instructions.