[Solved] Adjust Time Series Graph DURATION on the fly

I’d like to be able to adjust the duration from the dashboard itself. When you’re in the edit view, you can adjust the time range using the dropdown and it auto-updates the preview graph. Would be spectacular if that dropdown was accessible from the dashboard e.g. this wonderful mockup:

The only question is how to choose the “One Point Every …” selection. I’d like to see the most available points for that scale, but that detail’s up to you.

This is important to me because now I’ve got three different graphs on my dashboard, showing the same data at 1 hour, 24 hour, and 7 day time scales and I’d like to condense it down to only show one graph in the duration that I’m interested in.


I would love to see this graph capability too. I won’t always know what time scale I’m interested in when I set up the graph - I might want to look at recent history on my dashboard, then “zoom out” to examine long-term trends of the same data. I notice that something very similar to this already exists in the Application -> Data Explorer page. If you took that widget, used the current time as End Time, and changed Start Time into a timespan, then I think you’d have it.

This is a great request, and actually something we have talked about internally on and off, when discussing the future direction of various dashboard blocks. I’ll add 2 more “+1” to the feature request in our ticket system!

Add a plus 1 from us as well.

We either have dashboards, with hour, 6 hours, 12 hour, 1 week etc… or keep changing the dashboard date periods for individual widgets.

May be the period on a widget could be a “from dashboard” in addition to last value, or 6 weeks etc…
Then the you can select the period for all widgets on the dashboard using “from dashboard” to set their current value.
Leaving any widgets that are not “from dashboard” alone.

Just my 2c worth :wink:


Everyone, thanks for the great feature suggestion. We just released the on-the-fly duration / resolution changer (we’re still working on the name :slight_smile: ).

There are a few other features that went out with the release, which you can read about here.

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