Signl4 custom node

Hi, I am trying to setup the Signl4 custom node in a workflow. I want to send payload data from a created event to Signl4 within the message header. Setup here looks confusing with many fields to fill in… Do you have any specific examples of using the Signl4 node in this case ?
Rgds Sean.


Did you happen to import the Signl4 node via the Template Library? If so, there are only two fields needed for configuration:

  1. Team Secret
  2. Alert Message

You can check out the Node’s README for more information on the node itself.

I found this documentation from SIGNL4 in regards to where you can find the Team Secret.

Please let me know if I’ve cleared this up for you or if you have any more questions.

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That does not work. Looking at custom nodes docs, there is a lot more fields to fill in here … I got signl4 to work easily before using HTTP node.
Cannot understand how the custom node makes it even more complicated ?


Would you be able to send a screenshot of the fields that need to be filled in that you are mentioning? Also, any screenshots of the errors you’re receiving. Having these will help me understand your issue better.

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Attached are screenshots of my Signl4 custom node and main workflow.
All I want to do now is send a message “Hello” (using template data.alertmessage) on Signl4 app. Once the event is triggered, I get Signl4 message ok apart from message field containing Hello ?
Eventually, I want to send the unique Event created messages over Signl4.

You should not have to view or edit the contents of the Signl4 Node to achieve your goal.

All custom node text input fields support templates, so to send the value at data.alertMessage, you’ll want to replace “Hello” in the Alert Message field with the following:


I got Signl4 custom node working ok. I can see the power of it now within our workflows. On the custom node fields, we still had to fill in body template field with other user info to get more context in the Signl4 messages.
Thanks for your help !