Webhook reply with Sigfox downlinkmessage



My goal is to include some data from device data in to the downlinkmessage.
I retrive a value from the Input control on my Dashboard and store this in the Workflow storage.
This is the Downlinkmessage value that is added to the Device attributes via the Storage:get_node.
and so on.


now to my Webhook rply Node:

the Losant example: Collect, Monitor, and Visualize your Sigfox Data with Losant

used this String:

	"{{ data.body.device}}": {
		"downlinkData": "0000000000000000"

This works fine.

my not working String looks like that:

	"{{ data.body.device}}": {
		"downlinkData": "{{data.body.dmsg}}"

the data.body.dmsg have the value of i.e. 11 and can be used in the body of an email with the email-node.
But i on my Sigfox backend im getting errors.

I hope that someone can help me with this.



Could you provide me with some more information on what Sigfox errors you are getting?



The Sigfox_Backend Error:



But i found the problem.
The Sigfox_downlinkmessage have to be exactly 8 Byte long.
So i changed my value of 11 to 1100000000000000

but thanks for your quick response.