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there have been some recent posts about scada style dashboard elements, but did not fit for my case.
So, here is my question:

We frequently need some values shown ontop of an image. This is a common way to show data in scada applications and industrial control panels. As far as I see there is currently no dashboard element for this.

I found an easy way to create my panel using standard html. It´s so short i post the complete html-file here:

<html> <head><title>Empty</title>  </head>
	<div style="font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 12pt">
	<img style="position: absolute;top: 5px;left: 5px; z-index: -1;"
			src="" alt="Bild">
	<input style="color:blue;position:absolute;top:30px;left:25px;width:60px; font-size: 15pt" type=" text" name="value1" value="62,3°C">
	<input style="color:blue;position:absolute;top:270px;left:25px;width:60px; font-size: 15pt" type=" text" name="value2" value="62,3°C">
<div style="width: 100px;position: absolute;top: 100px;left: 25px;border: 1px solid black;
			padding: 5px;color:blue;background-color:white;">
			This ist some description.
			This ist some description.

Having an general custom html-block would solve this kind of tasks. How can i do this in Losant?

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Hi @Eckehard_Fiedler,

We don’t have a “custom html” block. But, we do have an External Website block. What I’ve done in the past that has worked really well, is make an Experience Page with a custom visualization, and place it on the dashboard using this block.

Hy Taron,

I´ve seen the post about the “experience”, but it was not clear to me how to handle this as part of a dashboard. Things seem to be a bit “tricky” and I ended up with a log in page, not with my view. For me the explanation was not clear enought. Any suggetstion or simplified example is very welcome. I think there are more people interested in this kind of view.

It would be even better to have page views as a dashboard element, not as a “workaround”. There is already a “Custom Chart” element, which seems to be very similar. Maybe a “custom HTML Block” could be very similar.

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I would like to provide the same functionality, but the focus on Experience Pages, doesn’t work for us. Our audience is Losant users, so many things that could be possible with Experience pages aren’t really implementable in a standard Losant dashboard.

Hi @Tim_Hoffman and @Eckehard_Fiedler,

I am happy to inform you that a Custom HTML Block and an Image Overlay Block were released with our recent Platform Release. As always, thank you for your suggestions and feedback, they are vital in improving the Losant Platform.

Have a great day,

Hi Julia

I noticed existence of those two options yesterday.

Good news


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