Sandbox copy of data

We would like to create a temporary development environment in the Sandbox and wondering if we can copy all the state data from our production instance to the Sandbox to experiment with the data?


Currently, there is no easy way to do this. It’s even hard to clone data manually because Losant will only accept a state whose timestamp is within the past 30 days.

If 30 days is good enough, you can request the data export, and you’d have to write a script to report that as state (but this could be tricky for multiple devices.

Overall, my suggestion would be to report to both applications. As data is coming into your production application, you can use Webhooks to send the state data to a staging application. That way, from here on out, your staging will always have the same historical data.

We do have a feature coming soon that will allow you to move Losant resources a little bit easier. But, this won’t include data.