Sampling rate on edge compute

I know it depends on what specs the computer running the edge compute agent, but how fast could I realistically get data from a device on the same LAN as the Edge, via Modbus or OPC-UA?
Or is there a way that is faster then others?
I would then just post the important data from that faster rate to the cloud platform.

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

The fastest you can trigger an Edge Workflow is every 100 milliseconds, but the speed at which you can read and get this data to the cloud will depend on your network, hardware, and other factors. Since it is dependent on your environment, you will have to test this within your the confines of that environment.


Can I count on the Workflow running on the edge being able to finish at this rate?


No, you can only trigger at that rate. As Julia mentioned, how long each read takes will depend on your environment.