Aggregation on the edge

If I get OPC-UA data every second, but only want to send min/max/avg of the past 60 sec to the cloud.
Do you have a good example of how to best do that and what edge workflow nodes to use?

Hey @Lars_Andersson,

We have a Custom Node for Moving Average in the Template Library.

While you can’t use custom nodes on the edge currently, you can copy/paste the contents of the custom node to an edge workflow.

As for min/max, I don’t have a great example for that right now, but let me see what I can figure out and I’ll report back to you!

Thank you,

That custom nodes seems to calculate the average based on a defined number of messages.
I need to be able to define based on time.


We don’t have any time-based examples available, but another node to look at would be the Downsample node in the Template Library. You can use both of these as reference points for your own implementation that delivers what you’re looking for.

Thank you,