Request for setting significant digits on graphs


On Number/Dial gauges you can set the number of significant digits.

Could I request this be added to the time series graph so that we can have it affect both scale and data points.

We are dealing with mm (like 10512) which then gets displayed in scientific notation which causes problems for some of our consumers of the dashboards :wink:



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A good request, Iโ€™ve filed a ticket for adding the ability to format those numbers for the time series, bar, and pie charts. Thanks!

Could you also provide this for data tables.

Actually, it is already available in device state tables (and anywhere where templates are used)! You can pass a format string to the โ€˜formatโ€™ helper in the templates.

Device State Table Config
Template Format Helpers
D3 Format Strings

For example, if you did {{format value '.2f'}} as the template, the value 10 would be displayed as 10.00.

Oh cool. Missed that.