Change numbers separators

Is it possible to change the way numbers are displayed?

The current pattern is separating thousands with “,” and decimals using “.”

Here in Brazil, it is the opposite. We use the “.” to separate the thousand and
a “,” to separate decimals.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Kelvin_Andrade1,

I am curious, where are you displaying the numbers? If you are displaying numbers in a dashboard, depending on the block, numbers can be formatted with the {{format}} helper which is configured with D3 formatting.



I’m displaying it in a dashboard. We are using the “Gauge Block”.

How can I use it to format my number display? (use “,” to separete the decimal part)

Hi @Kelvin_Andrade1,

Unfortunately, the Gauge Block does not allow the attribute value to be formatted like other blocks do. I do, however, this think problem could be solved using the Custom HTML Block, which is one of my favorites after only one use! There is a great Gauge example that can be found here, and you could easily format the displayed number to your liking.

Let me know if I can help further!