Pushbullet as Output

I am a huge fan of the Pushbullet service, and think an Output of Pushbullet would be sweet.

Their API is super simple. You can push a note by sending a POST to https://api.pushbullet.com/v2/pushes with a message body similar to:

{"type":"note", "title":"Push Title", "body":"This is a push message"}

The only thing required to send yourself a note is the body formatted as such, and an Access-Token header that you can get from your account settings page. Being able to select a push type (note, link, etc.) and then adding your access token in the configuration would be sufficient I believe to get started.


Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll look into integrating with Pushbullet.

In the meantime, you can use our HTTP node to easily replicate the functionality.

Attached is a simple workflow that you can import into your Losant account and get a “Hello world” Pushbullet integration up and running. Just make sure to add your Pushbullet access token in the workflow globals.

Pushbullet Node.flow (1.2 KB)

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That’s what I’m doing currently, thanks!