Profibus instead of modbus



Can we use Profibus instead of modbus in Edge device



Currently, we do not support Profibus on the Edge Agent. However, if your device can only support Profibus, I would recommend looking for a converter device between the two protocols. An example Moxa Profibus/Modbus protocol conversion gateway can be found here.


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thank you @JuliaKempf, not only on edge agent, is there any way to connect profibus DP device to losant ?


Hi @Chandhu_Dangudubiyya,

Currently, there is no direct connection to Losant with Profibus DP. The best way to do so would be to find a product or service (gateway, third-party web service, etc.) that can convert Profibus to a protocol we support or integrate a Profibus network with a IoT network. Documentation on Integrations can be found here, and some examples of converting gateways can be found here.

Let me know how else I can help!