Platform Update: Introducing Systems

Hello Losant Developers,

A new platform update is taking over the big screen, and we are excited to introduce the feature presentation: Systems! You can visit the Platform Release blog post here.

As Losant continues to be used for larger and more complex solutions, we’re learning that our customers struggle to properly group and organize their devices to create accurate models of their environments. In order to solve this problem, we’ve introduced a new type of device, which we’ve named Systems.

Systems are made up of one or more system-type devices, provide an intuitive and powerful way to build “digital twins” — a model of your physical environment.

Using Systems:

Systems are a grouping mechanism and allow you to create nested models of your environment.

System Explorer:

In order to view and navigate your systems, we’ve created the System Explorer, a modal illustrating the deeply nested parent-child relationships between your application’s various devices.

Data Propagation:

Along with grouping, you must also be able to model and understand how data propagates from the lowest levels of your system to the very top. We’ve layered a unique data aggregation mechanism on top of the grouping mechanism to automate how data propagates through your systems.

As always, we value your feedback and direction :film_projector:. With your input and ideas combined with our roadmap, we can continue to build the best platform for you.

Let us know what you think!

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I would love to see an example of the Industrial OEM use case to generate some ideas on how to make best use of this new capability.

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