Opening port to use a UDP Trigger Node

I need some help with using a UDP trigger node in an Edge Agent workflow. I’d like to open up the port used by the UDP trigger node so that another application running on the edge device can pass sensor data to the workflow. I’m using Docker’s --publish flag when starting the Edge Agent’s container to make the container’s port available to applications outside of Docker, but the container will not start when I pass in that flag. There’s no error returned by the Docker CLI, and dockerd doesn’t log any errors as far as I can tell.

Can someone provide some guidance with how an application running on the edge device can trigger a UDP trigger node?

I figured it out.

Docker’s --publish argument has to be provided on the command line before the container’s name.

Hello @Paul_Muschick,

When I use the publish flag, I always include the port that I want to open with that flag. Try using -p 2395:2395/udp. Make sure you change 2395 to the port that you are using.

Just a note that ports from 0-1023 are reserved. If your application is posting data with a port in that range, let’s say 162, then the publish flag would look like this: -p 162:2395/udp. The UDP Trigger Node would then use 2395 when configuring the port number in that node.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if this doesn’t work for you.

Thank you,

Sounds good @Paul_Muschick, glad you figured it out!