Notebook resource limit?


I believe I’ve hit a limit on the number of allowed notebook executions. When I try to manually trigger a notebook, I get this response:

Notebook execution request failed!
No more notebook executions available at this time.

I can’t see any threshold for this under Usage for our application.
What is the threshold for notebook executions? Can I see how much we’ve used somewhere?

Now I’m confused; I see 1/100 towards our Notebook execution quota on our Organization page.

Maybe ‘no more notebook executions available at this time’ refers to something other than hitting the quota. It appears that I have 5 executions in progress which have not timed out. Is it possible that stalled notebooks could block my notebook execution queue?

I would think the 5-minute notebook execution limit would kick these failed executions out of the queue.

Hi @Alexander_Farley,

It looks like the docs aren’t clear on this so I’ll fix that soon. However, these depend on your contract. You can always see the latest status of all of your limits on your Organization Overview Page

However, by default, it’s 100 Notebooks or 930 execution minutes per month.

I’m putting in a ticket to make that UI a little better for you in the future.

Hi @Alexander_Farley,

Just to clarify a bit. You are allowed to have 100 Notebooks in total. In total, you have 930 execution minutes per month across all Notebooks.

Thanks for the quick response - however, it looks like I’m hitting something other than the quota.

I’ve edited my original post. Maybe stalled notebooks are stalling my notebook from performing any more executions?

Ahhhh, execution minutes. I must have missed that, that’s probably the issue.

It looks like the Organization Overview page does not have a bar to indicate how many Notebook execution minutes have been consumed. Could that be added?


I just put in a feature ticket for you to make this UI a little clearer on what that limit is.

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