Notebook output file

How can I make a Notebook generated outputfile (csv) available for a experience user to download once it’s completed?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

I would recommend putting the CSV into Losant Files once the Notebook is completed, then sending an email to the user with a link to the file, which will download it.


Is that from the[applicationID}/ directory path?
would just an authenticated user have access to download it?


Right now, here is how it works: “Once a file has been uploaded within your application, it is publicly available to anybody who has the URL – including across different Losant applications. It is not possible to allow only authenticated users access to a file.”

What you can do is, after a certain amount of time ( maybe 24 hours ) just delete the file so that it’s not always public. I think we have a ticketing for this within our system. I’ll double check and update it for you.