Notebook not accepting the file

Hi there,

The notebooks for some reason is not accepting the file we are trying to upload.

It keeps saying Invalid file selected. The file extension is .ipynb.

Please advise

Can you provide us with the file? That will help us determine why it is invalid.

@Suroor_Wijdan thank you for sending the file to me in a PM. I have confirmed that your issue is the same one experienced by this user, and that our next software release will allow you to upload this notebook and execute it against our v3 base image. That release should be out in the next couple weeks.

Thanks for the confirmation @Dylan_Schuster. Will we have to downgrade the jupyter notebook version to be able to test some of the functionality as of now until the new release is out?

If that is possible for your use case, then yes, you could downgrade the Jupyter version and may also have to make some edits to your notebook code to test. Once the next release is out, you will need to change the base image to v3 (not yet published) and then you should be able to upload your up-to-date file.