Jupyter notebooks on windows

I’m running Jupyter on windows and I’m struggling to define the environment variables INPUT_DIR and OUTPUT_DIR before launching the notebook.

Any guidance here?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

This forum post has instructions on setting your environment variables for Windows. Please let me know if you have an questions :smile:


Aewesome ! that worked.

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Correction, it now works when executing the Notebook locally, but not when running on Losant.
Do I need to modify the definition of the INPUT_DIR and OUTPUT_DIR before I upload the .ipynb file?
The execution log shows me Jupyter error, and the first 3 lines shows this:
[NbConvertApp] Converting notebook /tmp/input.ipynb to notebook
[NbConvertApp] Executing notebook with kernel: python3
[NbConvertApp] ERROR | Error while converting ‘/tmp/input.ipynb’

Never mind, as soon as I commented out the local IN/Out directories, it worked.