New Device ID causes failure to connect to Losant MQTT broker

Created new Application with a new device ID… Using the same keys on Losant ESP32 app (Key and secret) and the new device ID and NO THER MODIFICATIONS, I am not able to connect to Losant (Not the device connection but the Losant account!!!) if I restore the device ID to the prior application device ID no problem, able to connect to Losant account… Do I need a new customer key and secret key for each new application with a different device ID?

Access Keys and Secrets are scoped to a single application. An access key from one application cannot be used to authenticate a device from a different application.

So in this case, you will need to create a new access key and secret within your new application.

For security best practices, it is also recommended to use a single access key and secret per device ID. This way if an access key and secret were ever compromised, the affect is limited to only one device.

Got it…Thanks…