Application key / secret invalid

Hello All,

I am getting Application Key/Secret Invalid errors in my log for a few of my devices in the field.

The problem is that these devices are running in the field autonomously and to fix I would need to send someone with our app to reprovision or send the customer new devices that are preprovisioned.

I am looking for a way to assign new Key/Secret to the devices or get losant to accept Key/Secret that the device is trying to connect with. Some of my thoughts below.

  1. Is there a way to see what Key and Secret the device is trying to use? If I can see what Key and Secret the device is trying to use can I modify my Keys and Secret in losant to allow the use, assuming it is a valid format?

  2. Is there a way to accept on a temporary basis the connection from these devices and assign them new Key/Secrets. Or just long enough for me to send a command to push new firmware with the Key/Secret imbedded. which by the way I see the keys in losant but I don’t see the list of secrets for the devices.

Someone has to have dealt with this previously, hopefully there is an internet fix.



Hey @Dave_Blaylock,

Access secrets are sensitive and never displayed or logged anywhere - even in our own system logs. Access keys are available, but the UI does not display it in the key/secret invalid message. We’ve submitted a ticket to add that to the application communication log, but that doesn’t help you right now.

There is also no ability to temporarily allow a device to connect with an invalid access key and secret. Due to the security implications, this is not something we’d ever add.

One thing to look at is how your keys are assigned to devices. If you’re assigning by device tag, then perhaps the tag has been removed from the device? If that’s the case, you can add the tag back in the UI and the device will connect.

Other than that, the only solution is to access the device and update the access key and secret. Most customers use a VPN or container management service (Balena, Azure IoT Edge, Zedada, etc.) to manage the Losant GEA container. This provides access to the host OS to make necessary changes to their container(s).