MQTT connector to Kafka

Has anyone done pushing mqtt data to kafka? Are there any open source connectors for windows environment?


Could you give more background to what you’re trying to accomplish here? Is there a reason in your particular use case you need to push data to Kafka?

These answers would help me make sure I’m pointing you in the right direction.

for one of the POC’s for my customer, they want me to demonstrate how MQTT data coming from sensors (like in Losant) can be sent to kafka streams. They are looking at using kafka to be their main data streaming platform and node.js for backend. Are there MQTT kafka connectors available to run in Windows environment? I have heard about that has the connector, but that does not run on Windows environment.

@anaptfox . Hi Taron, anything known on this? Thanks


At the moment, we do not currently have support for KAFKA streams. If you’re looking for kafka connectors available to run specifically in the Windows environment, there is nothing on this that has come upon our end.

An option you do have, though, is to pair AWS Lambda Functions ( or any cloud function ) with KAFKA, as Losant does have AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions, and Azure Function integrations, which could support your use case. They are all cloud-native (not a windows application) but would enable some way to push MQTT data to Kafka.