More options to limit attribute and tags metadata from Device: Get block

It would be nice to have an option in the Device: Get block to not return attribute data. Or even specify which attribute data you want returned.

Had a recent need to get device info/states on just under 400 devices and the debug log returned “Workflow payload is not available because it exceeded the maximum debug message size of 5MB.”. I know that only affects the debug log but all that data was unnecessary for us most of the time.

Also would be nice to have ability to specify the device tags that get returned get similar to the ability now to specify which device state gets returned.

Hi @Wesley_Manning ,

The Device: Get Node can be configured to return all attributes, certain specified attributes, or no attributes - see the “Composite State To Include” field in the Result section. If I’m misunderstanding this part of the question, please let me know.

There currently isn’t a way to only return specific device tag key/value pairs (or exclude them entirely) for one or more given devices. I will submit a feature request to see if this can be added in the future. Thanks for the suggestion!

You’re mixing attributes and device state. That applies to the device state not the attribute metadata.

Ah yes, sorry for the misunderstanding. I will submit another feature request to allow only specified attribute metadata (attributeTags, dataType, description, name) to be returned, or to not return any attribute metadata.

Yep like these:
Even a checkbox saying if you want to include attributes or not. We never tend to use that json value when using Device: Get.