Micro:bit library/extension for Losant

Hi there!
I would like to know if you are planning to release an official extension that allows to connect Micro:bit to Losant as it already happens with Arduino and its own library.
I think it would be really useful since the interest towards micro:bit seems to be very increased!


Thanks for posting this request! Looking at the micro:bit hardware, does it have any internet connectivity?

Typically, devices send data to Losant using MQTT or HTTP. So, unfortunately, without connectivity, the device wouldn’t be able to connect directly to Losant.

However, it could talk to another device that communicates with Losant. For example, it looks to have Bluetooth capabilities, you could talk to another device that does have connectivity ( ex. Arduino MKR1010).

micro:bit -> Arduinio -> Losant

Well, talking about internet connectivity, actually not natively. But as Arduino Uno (as example, because it cant’t send data online by it own), it is compatible with WiFi modules such as ESP8266. There are also some shields on the market with already that integrated wifi module to which you can connect the micro:bit very easily.
About the Bluetooth, yes, it has natively this connectivity.