Magic to get attribute from tag

Hi there,
I am not sure if this is possible but in my use case I have now the user to select a device by a tag called shortname (instead of the confusing device id).
I then want to display in the header where that device is located via some magic expression.

I don’t believe this is possible but would like to have a way to retrieve device info from a tag basically.

Currently, we do not return full device info from a device tag context variable because those resolve to a set of devices, not a single device (even though in your case this is just one device).

Our recommendation: use the human-readable name/location as the Device Name, add a tag for whatever identifier you’re currently using as the device name, and then tag each device with the appropriate value.

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Yes I saw that coming like a Tyson punch, I have a good reason not to change the device name because it is used to refer to the origin device from the other system.
Anyhow not a big deal but lesson learned from future dashboards. :sweat_smile: