Access attribute tag in experience context variable

Could you provide an example of how to access attribute tags from an experience view context variable? Accessing a device tag would be something like this: {{ctx.deviceId-0.tags.ch3displayMin.[0]}}. How would you do the same thing if ch3 was an attribute and displayMin was a tag defined on that attribute? I would like to use this to manage display of gauge block titles, engineering units and min/max ranges.

Hi @Edward_Cline,

I want to be sure I am understanding your question. Are you trying to access attribute tags using the Device ID context variable? Or are you trying to reference a variable within another to access the tag value?

In the case you are trying to access attribute tags, I have included a screenshot of a Device ID context variable object below:

This device does not have any attribute tags, so the tags object is empty.

Looking forward to hearing your responses and diving in!

HI Julia,

Using your example, I’ve found the following which works (ch0pv is the attribute, eu is the attribute tag):

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Edward_Cline,

Great to hear it! Please let me know if you have any further questions. :smile: