Accessing experience page tags

I would like to access information in a layout, which is defined in the Tags of the Experience page.

Example:1. Key value pair is defined in Tags of an experience page

→ How do I access the content of the tags in html ( I did guess that analog to {{ }} i might be {{ }}, but that did not work)

I found it by inspecting:

{{ jsonEncode . }}

There I found the “viewTags”, which reffer to the Experience View Tags

Glad to hear you found it; I’ve used that same {{jsonEncode .}} trick before to find properties in the pageData portion of the render context.

Here’s another trick that will help you find values in that default render context: At the top of the “Content” tab in a view editor, click the “View Example Context” link, and that will open a modal with a collapsible JSON tree showing a sample object that fits the shape of what is exposed to pages and layouts.