Looking for Developer to Help Create Vibration Analysis Tool

Looking to hire an external developer familiar with Losant for a 3 Part Project:

Part A: Gateway Functions
In node-RED (program running on cellular gateway) add MODBUS functions:

  1. Configure sensors via Modbus

In node-RED (program running on cellular gateway) add LOCAL functions:

  1. Store dynamic vibration data in a file
  2. Limit file size
  3. Delete oldest record if out of space

In node-RED (node program running on cellular gateway) add MQTT functions:

  1. Receive Configure Command from Losant (This should trigger the MODBUS function to configure the sensor for Dynamic Data Capture).
  2. Send dynamic vibration data to an external Amazon S3 Database.

Part B: MachineSaver.IO User Experience Build in Losant
Create Charting User Interface Using -

  1. Vega-Lite Library
  2. HTML + Javascript (for buttons and functions that must query database / tools not built in to the Vega-Lite Library)

I have a complete spec for this upon request.
I have also begun mocking up the Vega-Lite specification which can be viewed using this observable: https://observablehq.com/@drowsylogic/vega-lite-study-exercise

Part C: Amazon S3 Database Creation and Data Server for Charts
Create a Database (AWS S3 or Similar) that serves data to the vega-lite specification when a user inputs a time frame and requests the records for a particular sensor.

There is compensation for this project so please reach out if you are interested and want more details.