Login to Forums Under a New Account


Hi, I created a new account after using this one for a while (coworker’s), but now I can’t log into the Forums with that new account (however, the dev platform login works just fine.)

I tried logging out and back in, using an Incognito window so it wouldn’t remember me, IE instead of Chrome. Seems like there’s no way to switch accounts on the Forums. Any advice?


Hi - Angelique,

Your accounts for the forums and the platform are tied together. If you want to login with your new account to the forums, you’ll have to logout of both the forum and the platform. Then, log back in with your new account credentials.

Please let me know if you are still having issues.



Hi Bao,
Still working on this. I’ve logged out of both, tried logging into the Forums first with the new account email, but somehow it still reverts to this acct once logged in. Then tried logging into the Platform first, the platform works under the new account, but when I click the forums, it still pulls up this one.

It’s not the end of the world to use the forums under Angelique’s acct, but it would be nice to get email notifications to my address. Please PM me and I can give you the account details to sort it out.



Hi Angelique,

I was able to log in and out of both accounts doing the following steps:

  1. Log in to Platform with Account A
  2. Log in to Forums with Account A
  3. Log out of Platform with Account A
  4. Log out of Forums with Account A
  5. Log in to Platform with Account B
  6. Log in to Forums with Account B

At that point, you should be logged into Account B. If you are still having issues, I’ll PM you.