Livestream with an option to to init with "last recieved data point"

This was brought up before:

Don’t see feature request for it.

We have a button users can click to manually request a data update in addition to or in place of the device regularly transmitting data. We don’t get in data often enough to use live streaming so the gauge would always show “waiting for data” for quite some time before the data comes in which does not look nice for users.

Live streaming is attractive as the user doesn’t have to wait the 5s for the dashboard to refresh when they manually request a data update by clicking a button.

It would be nice to have an option to init the gauge using the last received data point when the dashboard is first created (say when the user refreshes the browser window).

Yes, we’ve had this feature request before, and I agree with you - particularly in your use case where it sounds like devices report not very often - that it would be great to send the last received data point to populate the gauge when the live stream is opened. I’m putting a +1 on the request. Thanks for the input.