Connected, waiting for data

I notice that with Gauge Blocks, when the Live Stream option is turned on, my application indicates “Connected, Waiting for data”. However, my application uses webhooks to periodically trigger a workflow to update state. When the state is not being updated, the gauge keeps showing the above message. “Connected” in misleading in my use case, because it implies there is a live communication happing to the device but without data being sent which is not the case.

Is there any way for force the gauge to display “No data to display” instead of “Connected”?

Hi @paul_wareham,

The “Connected… Waiting for data” display communicates that the dashboard has successfully attached itself to the Losant live stream for that device, and does not correlate to device connectivity to Losant. I will add an explanation to our documentation, as I think it would be very beneficial. There is not currently a way to change what is displayed when no data has come through, but I will also make a ticket for it.


That’s what I figured.

I would only suggest that connecting the dashboard to an internal platform feature as little or no practical meaning for real world application. Its just another potential source of user confusion.

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