Latency for Australia

Hi folks

As I understand it Losant is hosted on google cloud infrastructure? How does Losant management access for various global clients in terms of latency of communications. For example Australia? Are the servers geographically assigned based on the client devices location to minimize latency?

Hi @paul_wareham,

That is correct, the Losant infrastructure is hosted on Google Cloud! :smile: In cases where the latency is high, you could use the Edge Agent to work locally and then send data periodically to Losant in bulk. The other option is a dedicated Losant enterprise install, but this option is often preferred in cases of sensitive or large amounts of data.



For this customer the edge agent would be feasible due to hardware constraints.

I don’t know in advance that latency will be an issue, I’m more so doing up front home work prior to deployment.

I’m initially concerned more with any latency in accessing the web UI through our experience pages hosted on Losant.

So I’m wondering in which regions the Losant/google servers are hosting up my pages and where is the data stored?