Dashboard on the Edge?


Is it possible to serve up a Dashboard from and edge device with the new edge agent?



The edge agent does run a web server, and you could theoretically respond to local HTTP requests with the necessary HTML, CSS and JavaScript files to display the Losant web app (you’d have to manually pull the new files every time we have a release). But the data queries to populate the dashboard would require an internet connection; it could not be populated by data locally on the edge device. And once you’re making an internet connection, you may as well get the dashboard from app.losant.com.

I’m curious as to your use case, though. Can you elaborate on what you’re trying to do and why? I may have some other ideas on how to achieve it and/or it may lead to a feature request.



Hi Dylan,

Some of our customers have an aversion to keeping their data in the cloud are request a simple “embedded web server” they can access directly to view their data at that one site. I was wondering whether we would be able to offer that option while keeping that same basic infrastructure as our cloud-based IoT solution.

In that case, instead of edge analytics, the customer wants “edge visualization”.



In that case, we do offer private installations of the platform, which can be hosted on-premises and are not connected to the cloud platform - or even the internet if you choose - in any way. If that is something you are interested in, I can pass your information along to our enterprise sales team and they can discuss that option with you.



Yes I was aware of that option. But not sure that would be feasible for large numbers of casual users (one or a handful of devices at a location) at different organizations.