How to use "sudo nc -l 502" command in Losant Run Executable Node

how to use “sudo nc -l 502” command in Losant Run Executable Node.
please share the docker settup for the Run Executable Node.

Sivasankari S

Hi @sivasankari_s,

I am curious, what is your overarching goal for this command and your project? The listening command you have will not trigger a workflow when it sees data (and may not be useful), so I am wondering if there may be a better solution for your use case.


Thank you Very much julia.
I want to listent my tcp port using edge work flow.
I have tried a modbus read node for this use case but i didn’t get any data.
for listenting tcpip and port which node I have to use in the Edge Work flow?
please suggest me if any.
Sivasankari S