How to select specific device in device state table that has mutliple devices

We have a dashboard experience page that includes a device state table. The dashboard context includes full device context from 5 different devices. We would like to show one attribute value from each device in a device state table. When configuring the device state table it allow us to add the 5 devices easily as shown below.


When configuring the columns there is no option to select which specific device we want the column data to come from, there is only a dropdown list of attributes. Our devices may or may not have the same attribute names, so how would we format the column source to select from a specific device+attribute?

So one Device State Table Block, but showing five distinct data sets - where each data set is a unique device and a unique attribute? I don’t think there’s a way to get what you’re looking for currently, at least not with that block…

If you’re only using the last received value in the table - not a longer duration of values - you could do this with a Device List Block and custom columns.

You could also look into a Custom HTML Block, as that block would allow you to build the five queries you’re looking for, and then you could write the markup for a table given those query values.