How to get notebook outputs uploaded to Azure Blob Storage


I have some workflows that currently upload notebook outputs to S3 Bucket. I want to switch from S3 Bucket to Azure Blob Storage. I looked at all available workflow nodes but couldn’t find anything similar to the AWS S3: Put node for Azure. The logic in the notebooks was originally developed by Losant, and I have nearly zero experience with Losant, so any help would be highly appreciated!
PS: I’m not looking for application archiving. Just the notebook outputs.
Here is the link to the workflow:

Welcome to the forums @Tri_Trang!

As you’ve noticed, we don’t (yet) have built-in nodes for Azure Blob Storage.

To implement this today, you’ll have to use an HTTP Node and request the Azure Blob REST API directly. Specifically the Put Blob endpoint. The series of nodes would be something like:

  1. Notebook Trigger
  2. HTTP Node(s) to download the notebook output(s) to the workflow payload
  3. HTTP Node(s) to upload the content from the payload to Azure Blob storage

I did create feature request tickets for Azure Blob Storage nodes, but I can’t provide any timeline for when they’d be available.

If you reach out to your Losant account representative, this is likely something our internal professional services team can deliver for you, if that’s a route you’d like to take.