How to get a folder ID by name and rename it via API

Hi there,
I need some help:
a) I have a list of folders which I want to rename (full path)
b) I use the GetFiles API which doesn’t return the folder ID (doh!) but just the files contained within that folder
c) I want to rename those folders (keeping the same files inside) for example a/b/c to a/b/cc keeping the same files inside

What’s the best way to achieve this?

You can get the ID of the directory by using the Files: Get API with some appropriate filters. Using your example of a directory of /a/b/c, you’d make a request like …


With the directory ID in hand, you can then use the File: Move API endpoint. Moving to a directory of /a/b/cc would look like:

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Hello thanks for the tip, it was a bit counter-intuitive to begin but I managed to fully automate it.