Help - Device request data moved - missing after UI update?


With your recent update a lot of things have moved around.

On a device we used to have Debug and and could request dump of all data through that option.

That has now Debug no longer includes that option .

Can you provide some guidance as to where it has moved here ?

Also none of the TAGs I could find for this seemed to be appropriate.

A bit of a heads up on all of these UI changes would be useful.



Ok found it

Three small … menu in top right. ;-(

Certainly wasted some time looking for that.

One last comment, hiding the deviceid’s is in my opinion a retrograde step.
I use the deviceid’s a lot when looking logs, config files etc. A quick glance in the old device listing allowed you to find a device by deviceid. (use F3)

Unfortunately search in devices does not allow me to find a device by it’s deviceID.

So it pretty hard to quickly find a device if that is all you have.



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Hi @Tim_Hoffman,

I do agree, it does seem a bit more difficult than it was previously. I will provide your valuable feedback to our engineers, and create a ticket for the search functionality :smile:

Thanks so much!