Gimme back my bullets

Markdown doesn’t show bullets as stated in the APPLICATION OVERVIEW page.

Down below it states:

Sometimes you want bullet points:

* Start a line with a star
* Profit!

But when I type lines starting with asterisks and SAVE the page, the bullets disappear! This is unexpected behavior. Dashes also don’t appear.

How to get bullets there? Can you please put 'em back where they belong?

Hi there! You’re right, bullet points do not show up in the application description. However, that is the intended behavior. The application description supports rendering limited Markdown—that is, inline Markdown. (Inline Markdown is described in this section of the spec). The Markdown tutorial you see in the section below is for that section only—the “About This Application” section, otherwise known as the README. You can open the editor for that by clicking the “Edit” button in that section’s header (to the right).


But then how do I get some type of delimeter for lists in the Application Description area? Can you at least leave in the asterisks?

IMHO, limited markdown should not remove characters.

It seems if the asterisks are escaped (with \) and a return character added to each line then the asterisks will appear. I would ask you to consider a change to this behavior. This is a lot of work just to get text to appear.

Hi @Bryan_Chase,

I just wanted to update you that following an internal discussion of your use case we have created a Feature Request for this ticket. Our intended use when the dashboard description was first created was for a short blurb on the contents of the dashboard. But, as Losant evolves, so do the use cases we encounter and we strive to accommodate for them. We greatly appreciate your eloquent and detailed description, and I will follow up should this be implemented in the near future.

Please let me know if you have any further questions on this.

Thanks so much!