Floor Plan Editor is much needed feature in Losant

In order to make visualization of IoT devices in a graphical layout view, Losant should have a floor plan editor functionality with the a pre-defined icons library for generic device/equipment types. So that these devices or equipment can be dragged and dropped on to the floor plan. The active/inactive device status also should be show in red/green.

Hi @Mura_Hari,

Welcome to the Losant Forums, we’re very happy to have you!

This is a great idea, and definitely agree that having a Floor Plan builder would be a great feature. I’ll make a ticket with our engineering team and keep you updated as I learn more about it!

Have you worked with our Image Overlay dashboard block? Is there anything in this block that didn’t work for your use case?

Thank you,

@Heath Thanks for your mention of Image Overlay, however we are looking for more of intuitive interface with drag and drop functionality to place the custom icons of devices.

Hi @Heath , I’d like to check and follow up on this.
Do you have any update on “Floor Plan Builder” ? We need to plan our features/roadmap based on this platform update. thanks

Hello @Mura_Hari,

I do not have an update for this feature. I did note your follow-up, though.

As soon as I learn anything about this feature, I’ll be sure to follow up with you!

Thank you,