Filter on tables seems broken

Hi there,
I think there is a problem here


but then look at the Node table, same query it returns me zero entries

I think the problem lies in the string you entered within the query for the “createdAt” field. In the data table query within the application view, we provide a datepicker there that displays the date and time in the user’s locale format, but the underlying value is actually a Unix timestamp (milliseconds since Epoch).

In the workflow node, we have a regular text input there because users may enter a string template in that field or a date. When I enter “12 Oct 2023” I get results, but when I enter “12 Oct 2023 08:00:00”, nothing is returned. So whatever we are using to parse dates in the workflow runner may not be able to make sense of that input.

I would suggest using a timestamp there instead; the easiest way to get one is to use the Date/Time Node to parse a date you enter, convert it to the correct format, and then store it on the payload, which you can then reference in the Table: Get Rows Node query.

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I see what you mean I will use the variable approach then.