Export endpoints to create a Swagger Documentation

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It would be such a great feature if we could have somehow to export our endpoints used on workflows.
Maybe creating a default block to specify the request and the response format, so we could export that and import to a documentation tool like swagger.

It could be a nice way to validate the requests on the workflows too.

Now, it’s kinda hard to do the documentation of that…

Hello @Thiago_zils :slight_smile:

Before I make this Feature Request for you, I want to make sure I understand what you’re looking for.

You’re looking to automatically create API documentation for your Losant Experience API?

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Thanks for the fast awnser

Yes, exactly.

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Heck how about a live Swagger/OpenAPI page for each app’s Experience API…could be implemented as a static page type under a Layout or similar…like Dashboards or Custom HTML are now. A dropdown that allows automatic creation of the API as an Experience Page that could be put behind or in front of a login…That’s cool stuff! I think the only thing really missing is as @Thiago_zils says…input/schema validation that the Experience API endpoint knows about. We can do it in the Workflows of course with the Validate Payload node…but not in a way that the Experience API would be aware of.

Cool idea!

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@Thiago_zils & @Frederick_Loucks,

This is a great idea, and thank you both for the additional information!

I’ve made this feature request, and will follow up with you both as I learn more about it!

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