Postman API collection


You guys should provide a pre-built Postman collection link with all the Losant API commands ready to roll. Were building one ourselves, but going request by request is painstaking.

Would be very helpful to a ton of your users. Could put it up on your github too.


That’s a good suggestion, and it’s something we should be able to handle. I’ve created a ticket for generating a Postman Collection based on our API.

Thanks! We’ll keep you posted.


Thanks Dylan! BTW is it possible for us to build an API collection with our own experience domain?

For example point a branded API requests to our domain instead of
instead of{{APPLICATION_ID}}/data-tables

We’ll have partners that we’d like to offer api access to and it would be nice to have the entire experience be white-labeled.


Are you looking to expose all functionality of the Losant API to your end users? We do offer whitelabel solutions; I could put you in touch with a member of our sales team if that’s what you’re looking for.

Or are you building your own API under an application experience? If so, you can simply add an experience domain where your endpoints would live.


Cool thanks Dylan - a little confused about the difference but would love to speak w sales to discuss. thanks


Hey Dylan following up on this. A complete collection would be super useful.
Side note, we got our custom domain API endpoints to work in Postman - works like a charm. Thanks for the suggestion


a postman collection is a great idea.

I vote for that!


Interface definitions based on OpenAPI might be helpful?