EEA walkthrough

Trying to to test the EEA on a raspberry Pi using the walkthrough by I’m having a hard time finding what I should change in the to make it work with pywasm3 since the walkthrough is using wasmer.

Hey Lars,

You can find a full Python example using pywasm3 here:

The walkthrough is intended to communicate the main concepts of the EEA using one specific runtime.

Using the EEA, for any practical purposes, will require a deep understanding of your language, runtime, and overall WebAssembly concepts. So while we can’t provide step-by-step instructions for every combo of language/runtime, all runtimes share similar concepts and conventions and it’s up to the application developer to write the native code that loads and interacts with the EEA WASM module.

Hey Lars,

We’ve also published a Raspberry Pi / Vibration Analysis how-to guide here:

The source code can be found here: