ESP32 Remote Monitoring and Control with the Losant Embedded Edge Agent, a Deeper Dive Webinar

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One of the largest challenges when using the ESP32, or any microcontroller, is firmware development. On the spectrum of code difficulty, embedded firmware ranks near the top. That’s why Losant created the Embedded Edge Agent (EEA), which brings Losant’s low-code Visual Workflow Engine to resource-constrained devices and gateways, including the ESP32. In this webinar, Losant’s Chief Product Officer, Brandon Cannaday will provide a deep dive into using the EEA to remotely monitor and control an ESP32’s GPIO.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to compile the EEA into your ESP32’s firmware using the ESP-IDF.
  • How to implement Registered Functions to expose native functionality to your Embedded Workflows.
  • How to build and deploy Embedded Workflows to read and control the ESP32’s GPIO.
  • How to implement real-time alerting based on your ESP32’s GPIO values.
  • How to visualize your ESP32’s GPIO using Losant Dashboards.

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