Edge Workflows - Call workflow and/or trigger another local workflow


I am starting to use the Edge workflows a bit more aggressively.

A couple of things stand out as missing.

  1. Ability to call another edge workflow within the workflow. At the moment I have to replicate nodes in multiple workflows , or trigger another workflow through http localhost request.

  2. I think Local Data Tables would be useful. Will use redis instead for now.

  3. Redis subscribe as as a Workflow trigger.



1 & 3 are already on our list of future features! They both make a lot of sense for the edge agent. #2 we had not thought about - but I can definitely see potential use cases.

Hey @Michael_Kuehl, care to update here? To my knowledge 2 & 3 are complete, but 1 is still done via HTTP / MQTT nodes.

Hi @Frederick_Loucks,

Number 1 is still done via HTTP/MQTT, as you have mentioned. But I did add your +1 to this feature internally.

I’ll be sure to follow up with you once I learn more about this feature development.

Thank you,