Easiest way to get a popup notification or success/error notification within an experience dashboard page

I am looking for a way to notify my user when certain actions are taken on an experience page that holds a dashboard.

Something like the successAlert or errorAlert components described in the walkthrough for experience users:

It seems that there is no way to add custom HTML blocks to experience pages that use dashboards as the selection to display (as opposed to “custom page”).

How can we add some similar functionality (warn users that they input bad data or need to do something else before they can move on) within these dashboard experience pages?


Hi @Leo_Bach1,

There are two ways to add custom HTML to a dashboard page. The first is to create an Experience Layout that holds both the dashboard page itself, as well as the HTML you create. The HTML can then exist as a component and can be referenced within the Layout similarly to successAlert and errorAlert. The second way is with a handlebar helper, which is currently being documented. I will link you shortly to the documentation when it is published.


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So could all of the helper sections which look for a specific error be placed in the layout instead of the specific page which is rendered in the layout?

In other words: move the handlebars looking for issues within the workflows from the page itself

To the layout before the page or dashboard are rendered?

Hi @Leo_Bach1,

Yes! You can move both the conditionals and components from the Page to the Layout. :smile: