Device Lifecycle Documentation


I am looking for documentation or examples on how to disable/decommission/archive devices. If a device has been physically disabled or destroyed, but the data needs to be preserved, what is the best way to decommission the device so that the device state remains but no new data is accepted? Is there any way to disable a device? Basically, I am looking for device lifecycle management features in Losant and how to either use them or set them up.

Example use case, if I need to see a list of decommissioned devices.


Welcome to the forums! I can surely help you with that. It’s really common to use Device Tags for this capability. Tags can be used to segment devices for many different use cases:

For you, you could have a tag called active or status that represents your lifecycle.

Thanks @anaptfox. I have a follow up question. I can see how a webhook workflow can reject the data based on the destination device tag. However, I see that the mqtt data is directly stored into the device state. Is there any way to: a) Insert a workflow in between the mqtt data arrival and the setting of the device state OR b) reject the mqtt data based on some other setting?

The issue here is to reject data for a ‘disabled’ device when using mqtt as the data communication mechanism.

Great Question @Anaz_Zubair.

You don’t have to use the state topic (/losant/ID/state). Our broker supports custom topics. You can restrict certain devices to certain topics and trigger workflows when a device publishes to the topic.

By using custom topics, you gain a little bit more flexibility on when the device state is reported. Your messages can come in over a custom topic, and your workflow can decide how you report state using the Device State Node.

Cool. Didn’t think of that. Thanks a lot.