Disable payloads

To minimize MQTT payload postings from a device, could you set a device to “deny” payloads during certain hours?
In the case there is no other way to disable traffic being sent from device.

Without knowing more specifics about your use case, the answer is … sort of. The Time Range Workflow Node can give you some of the control you seek.

  • If the device in question is an Edge Compute device, and the MQTT payloads it is sending are being generated through Edge Workflows, then you could use the Time Range Node to branch your workflows into a dead end false path if the message occurs during those certain hours. This assumes the clock on your device is correct.
  • If the MQTT devices are being sent through any other means - i.e. a regular connection to the broker - then …
    • There is no way to stop the messages from hitting the broker. The message will still be published on the chosen topic, and if you are reporting state (your likely case), that state report will still happen.
    • However, you can still use the Time Range Node in any workflows that are triggering off of that device’s connection, disconnection, state report, and inactivity events and disable any side effects you may be running in an application workflow using the same method: branching into a false path if the event occurs outside of your chosen hours.