Device: Disconnect Trigger Node - Filter by reason

I’m trying to make a simple e-mail alert for every blackout in a building.
My energy management device connection status returns “Device establishing new connection” for every blackout, so a simple logic would be something like:
Where the conditional node checks {{data.disconnectReason}} == ‘Device establishing new connection’.

However, the Device: Disconnect Trigger Node triggers the workflow for every disconnection, and my device has a lot of quick disconnections (just for a few seconds) because of its signal - these register as “Keepalive Timeout” and “Connection Closed”.

The payload usage would be significantly reduced if the trigger node had a “reason” filter, in addition to the device selected.

While I like the idea of adding a filter to the Device: Disconnect Trigger, doing so would not achieve your goal of reducing payload consumption. That’s because it is the device disconnecting from the broker that counts as a billable payload.

Whether you execute 0 or 100 Disconnect Triggers as a result of that disconnection, it’s still just one billable payload for the disconnection event.

I see!
I thought all workflow runs counted as payloads being used, but that’s because I always used them to set Device states.
Thanks for the clarification.